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My name is Barry Lemke I have organised Scotland’s largest tournament (and now one of the largest football tournaments in the uk) for the past three years. The reason I have, and always will, use MyTeamPhoto is that they go above and beyond to make sure the people at the event are happy with what has been photographed.  I met Martyn and Toni as a customer at a different event, ...

Barry Lemke

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Capturing the glory, the pain, the thrill of your day

Tournaments are often considered the highlight of the season. As a tournament organiser, you want to offer the best service possible – riveting matches, delicious snack food, incredible photographs…

At MyTeamPhoto, we offer a unique approach to event photography. We have photographed some of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and are renowned for our reliability and dedication. We are specialists in our field and manage to capture the triumph of the day without interrupting the flow of your event. Experience counts. It gives us the confidence to deliver while allowing us to be flexible to your needs.

A MyTeamPhoto shoot can help:

  • Raise money for your organisation through the sale of high quality, value-for-money images.
  • Attract sponsorship, which will help you to secure publicity/press coverage and expand your event.
  • Provide a service valued by players and parents alike – memories to cherish in years to come.
  • Increase prestige for your event, attracting new teams and spectators, generating further revenue.