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I am very pleased to recommend MyTeamPhoto. Their professionalism and the quality of their photographs are exceptional. They captured our boys and girls having fun, enjoying their football in a dynamic and special way.  I remain greatly impressed by the dedication and after sales service that MyTeamPhoto gave to our Club and I believe that their photographs are both ...

Chris Beard

Club Secretary, Stamford Bridge Junior Football Club Read More Testimonial - Club Secretary, Stamford Bridge Junior Football Club


Images that capture the spirit of the season

Professional photography has a vital role to play in raising the profile of an amateur club. Most photoshoots take place at tournaments when the players want to be focusing on their game. Instead, book a professional photographer, free of charge, to visit your club during a training session. The setting is more relaxed, every player gets photographed and the sales commission goes to your club rather than the competition organiser. Imagine what you could do with that money.

A MyTeamPhoto shoot can help:

  • Raise much needed funds for your club from the sale of photos.
  • Provide images for your clubs website.
  • Provide a framed club photograph for your club house.
  • Create a snapshot in time of your clubs history.

Our 5 step stress-free process:

  • Book one of our expert photographers at a time that suits your training schedule.
  • Set aside C.15 minutes (per team) for a fun, interactive MyTeamPhoto experience resulting in unique images.
  • Hand out an information leaflet to parents.
  • Relax while our secure system processes orders and completes online sales.
  • Celebrate when you receive your commission payment and freebies (images for your website, prints for your sponsor and club collage for your club house)!

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Every professional club has an official photo shoot. Now amateur clubs can enjoy the same experience and reap the same benefits.

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