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I dabble in photography with a half decent camera and I have to admit it’s a cracking shot. Split second either way and it wouldn’t have been half as good. I never get good shots of my lad playing as I get far too excited and forget to take the killer shot. Thanks for this, Perfect shot - Well Done 

Mark Siddle

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The alternative school photograph

Most people cringe at the thought of school photos. Parents resent having to pay a lot of money for images that are invariably bad. Children dislike having to wear school uniform so the photo can never be "cool". The backgrounds are usually boring and the smiles are forced.

Sports photography is a different matter. Sports are fun and children tend to participate of their own free will. Yet this aspect of school life is rarely recorded, except by proud parents with poor quality snapshots. Now the time has come for school sports to receive the recognition they deserve.

A MyTeamPhoto shoot can help:

  • Raise valuable funds, providing an additional income stream for your school sports department.
  • Highlight your school's sporting prowess with striking images that can be sent to the local media.
  • Show the emphasis placed on sports by the school through images on your website and in your prospectus.
  • Record your school's sporting achievements in a professional way, creating a visual library of players for future generations.

Our 5 step stress-free process:

  • Book one of our expert photographers at a time that suits your teaching schedule.
  • Set aside C.15 minutes (per class) for a fun, interactive MyTeamPhoto experience resulting in unique images.
  • Hand out an information leaflet to the pupils.
  • Relax while our secure system processes orders and completes online sales.
  • Celebrate when you receive your commission payment and free images for your website and prospectus.

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MyTeamPhoto has developed this specialist service to meet the needs of parents and sports teachers.

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